Case Studies

  • Comprehensive multi-pronged strategy and execution (sales, labor, contracting, SG&A)
  • Increase sales pipeline from ~$39 million to ~$65 million
  • Worked intensively with management to dramatically increase revenue and EBITDA growth

Result: EBITDA run rate grew 12x from Q4 2015 to Q3 2016


“Sagemount assisted us in major changes to sales, marketing, and infrastructure and positioned us for a solid exit.”

– Bob Wilhelm, CEO

  • Record investment in new product development, including enhanced data quality, self service, etc.
  • Helped put in place measures to reduce net churn to less than 5%
  • Provided merger integration assistance and guidance in hiring new CFO on a short timeline

Result: Doubled growth and grew profitability by 5x in the first six months


“The Growth Factor team worked hand in hand with management on rapid M&A integration and help us grow bookings and EBITDA by 5x each – in just the first six months!”

– Bob Herrmann, CEO

  • Built scalable infrastructure (SolarWinds, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Increased top-of-the-funnel sales activity by 3x to 100 new qualified meetings per month
  • Created new sales pods, implemented latest sales technology, and increased sales cycle conversion from MQL to sales

Result: More than doubled sales productivity in two years with limited additional spend


“Sagemount has been hands-on helping us to dramatically increase the velocity of our sales efforts and drive record results.”

– Buddy Flerl, CEO

  • Helped increase sales pipeline by more than 3x
  • Built a comprehensive pricing strategy resulting in improved margins
  • Helped identify operating cost improvements resulting in greatly increased profitability

Result: Tripled profitability and set the company up for a successful exit


“Sagemount helped us improve gross margin in our call center and warehouse. We had record growth and an exit to a strategic buyer.”

– Dave Eckley, CEO

  • Worked with tech team on pricing and bundling options
  • Creating three bundles in addition to launching a membership initiation fee to increase revenue and retention
  • Converted one-time paying users into recurring users
  • End-to-end sales cycle enhancement

Result: Company is experiencing rapid, transformational growth


“We implemented some of Sagemount’s ideas even before they closed their investment, which dramatically increased sales. Great way to start a relationship!”

– Paris Cole, CEO

Case studies included on this Website are illustrative and represent portfolio companies, current or past, where Sagemount has worked with portfolio companies on value enhancement initiatives. Quotes and information provided serve to illustrate Sagemount’s expertise in working with management teams, and should not be construed as a testimonial concerning any investment advisory recommendations provided by Sagemount to its clients. These case studies are objectively representative of current and past investments and are provided for illustrative purposes only. Past investments and results are not necessarily indicative of any future investment or results. The historical results above are not intended as a representation or warranty by Sagemount as to the actual composition or performance of any future investments that would be made. The nature of, and risks associated with, any future investments may differ substantially from those prior investments. See the Disclaimers page for additional legal disclaimers.